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I appreciate the cathartic nature of your delivery. It makes following your thoughts interesting, relatable and educational. Also, the heart being at the center of our true wellbeing makes sense and inspires me to use it more as a compass and life guide. Thank you!

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Hey William, thanks for the double recommendation! Those books certainly speak to what I was trying to articulate in this out-loud rumination. I will have to check them out. I am finding that the more I explore this subject, the more it touches everything. I guess because the heart is truly a center that all other action flows through or moves out from, in on way or another.

I am now stuck trying to write a piece for my manuscript, about unconstrained creativity, and an emotional "change of heart" as they say. It seems that there is a space necessarily created before something new can come in—or for a change can take place. So I am thinking a lot about "space" and "change" recently too.

Thank you for your comment, again, and I will definitely look into those books.

Stay well,

- Hudson

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