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20 - Running Beyond Reason With Blaine Benitez

20 - Running Beyond Reason With Blaine Benitez

Include Everything, Resist Nothing—an interview
Blaine Benitez

It's rare to find a flow in life where all needs align. Usually, some needs have to be traded for others. And sometimes it's hard for me to even know what it is I really need.

Talking with my friend Blaine Benitez on this episode, I think he's someone who is working to understand the ebb and flow of life, pursuing his needs, and the discovery of them, in an intuitive way. And there's something beyond all that too, something impractical, purely biological, in the way and for the reasons he runs. To me, Blaine is an artist of movement.

To build an altar for something that others see as unproductive, to shape your life around that idea or pursuit, takes a lot of belief in that thing. It takes a kind of patience or endurance that is found all on your own. But the flow of motivation is a collaborative act. Blaine is inspired by his friends, the mountains he lives near, and the feeling he gets from running in them.

In the podcast we talk about taking it easy, but taking it. How the idea of running all 11,000 foot peaks in the Wasatch outside SLC came about, and what it was like to do that in one push. We talk about how we both go outside every day, how Blaine runs every day, about sleeping and napping, sponsorship and priorities in life, how endurance doesn't need to be an intense thing. We talk about how a mindful, content feeling can be accessible in the next breath, the next step, and the idea that resistance uses energy, and creates tension. And we end talking about running beyond reason.

Blaine's Accounts


  • 3:50 - How Blaine found his way to Salt Lake City

    • 7:00 - Figuring out how to camp for free, and how to travel to trial and error

    • 9:40 - Making a living

    • 12:10 - Stability vs flexibility

  • 14:10 - How the idea of the Wasatch 11's came about

    • 20:00 - Waking up on an 11,000' summit and running into work that same morning

    • 21:00 - Memories of the Wasatch traverse

    • 22:50 - Wasatch Traverse: Being present and easing tension

    • 24:40 - Focusing on the next step, and having a healthy internal environment

      • “A really mindful, content feeling is accessible in the next breath that you take, so it's nice to spend that long in such a vulnerable and physically demanding state”

  • 26:16 - "Take it easy, but take it" - Running without suffering

    • 27:10 - Gary Snyder - "Watch the ground below your feet speed by"

    • 29:30 - "You can always take another step, you can always alleviate some tension"

    • 30:10 - Asking hard questions about making things and being someone

    • 31:20 - The use of the word endurance, and its relationship to patience

      • "Endurance doesn't have to be an intense thing"

  • 32:10 - Running every day

    • 34:00 - Finding a flow in running

    • 37:00 - Running as a way toward mental wellbeing

      • Running is primarily a tool for me to navigate internal framework/mental health

      • Instead of thinking about something, I turn myself outwards

  • 39:40 - Going outside every day

    • "Running outside is a biological need. I absolutely need it just like I need food"

    • "Running is a way to fulfill biological needs and to fulfill a purpose"

  • 43:30 - How running and athletic can be simple, and without goals

  • 52:50 - Dan Price and living life on your old terms

  • 54:20 - Injuries

  • 59:00 - Getting sleep

  • 1:05:00 - Hardest runs that Blaine has done, and the Bonneville Shoreline trail

  • 1:18:00 - Traven's Dragon Wing Visualization in the Quad Lock (Rock) Race

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PmcNmzdjbE

    • https://www.youtube.com/@EnduranceSlack/videos

  • 1:21:00 - Fear and the unknown

  • 1:38:00 - Sponsorship and priorities

  • 1:45:40 - Running beyond reason

    • When I'm at work or when I'm around other people I can be a lot more pleasant person around my coworkers

  • 2:00:00 - How resistance takes energy


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